CYC X1 Pro 3000W Extreme mid drive conversion kit


CYC X1 Pro 3000W Extreme mid drive conversion kit 36-72V UK Stock



CYC X1 Pro 3000W Extreme mid drive conversion kit


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UK shipping included


IMPORTANT: The motor kits are currently under manufacturing. Our first shipping schedule would be in early 2019. As you may be aware this is a brand new design. Before we sell, we need to complete testing on our sample motors.

The motor will be sold here in the UK VAT and Import duty paid. No added  Shipping cost. We will also be offering a UK based warranty (you do not have to wait and no shipping back to China.)

When comparing prices, remember shipping costs! if you’re in the UK, cost is included free with UPS and delivery within 3 working days.

Take a look here:


Our In Stock Item 219H Chain version (or geared version will be special order three week wait)

219H Chain version:

To fit BBS 68/73/83 mm kit (comes with adapters)

PAS 36H (later Torque upgrade will be available 3-4 months)

Magnetic brake sensors

The package includes everything you need to convert your bike exept the batteries:

  1. Motor-reduction assembly
  2. Integrated programmable Controller
  3. ISIS Bottom bracket and freewheel crankset
  4. Water proof wires
  5. Spacer for 68mm/73mm bottom bracket (For 68/73/83mm version)
  6. Color display with USB-C phone charger
  7. Thumb Throttle
  8. User manual
  9. PAS sensor (optional)
  10. A pair of brake cut-off sensors (Optional)
  11. Fully Water proof

More details can be found here:


Recommended Battery Options (price not included)

For top speed we recommend our 72V 15Ah battery located here (we recommend 50A max for the 72V):


For great speed and range compromise here 67V 19,2Ah  (our choice):


Max range here (can also be used on motors like BBSHD) 52v 26-28 Ah: